Parksville Downtown Map - PDBA

PDBA : Dedicated to promoting and enhancing Parksville Downtown.

We were incorporated as a not-for-profit Society in 2006 to administer Parksville’s downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA).

The City of Parksville’s municipal bylaw 1502 (see link righthand menu) outlines the boundaries of the BIA and what activities may be undertaken. The BIA extends from McMillan Street to McVickers Street and from Jensen Avenue to the waterfront.

Our work is funded by a levy on Class 5 and 6 commercially-assessed properties within the BIA. Our current five-year mandate runs to end of 2019. All businesses and owners of commercially-assessed properties within the BIA are members of PDBA.

We are managed and directed by a volunteer Board of Directors (see below). Our executive director is a management professional with an extensive background in strategic planning, corporate communications and marketing.